The Journey Begins

Not always sunshine and rainbows being the newbie in a profession.
There tends to be hardships, people dictating your capability based on age and experience, and failures.
We view these hardships and failures as negatives and let others’ opinions affect us.
Why do we let ourselves see this way?
If we change our perspective, a beautiful thing begins to happen. We grow, we learn, we improve.
Failure is okay, it means you are in progress, so keep going. You are almost there.
Just shoot for the moon and believe it is okay to fall on some stars along the way because the journey is long and beautiful so appreciate it all.
This is the message I enforce within my teaching. To show children, it is okay to fail, because we may stumble sometimes, but together, soon, we will fly.
I believe every child is capable of learning, but all in different ways. So be that teacher that takes the time to know each of their students and lift them up so they can fly.
Welcome to my teaching blog about different teaching strategies and inspirational stories I have experienced along the way!